About Time(2013)

Directed by: Richard Curtis
Produced by: Tim Bevan; Eric Fellner; Nicky Kentish Barnes
Written by: Richard Curtis
Starring: Domhnall Gleeson; Rachel McAdams; Bill Nighy
Music by: Nick Laird-Clowes
Cinematography: John Guleserian
Edited by: Mark Day
Running time: 123 minutes
Language: English
Genre: Romantic Comedy-Drama

Seeran Review: Wow. I thought it to be just a time travel film adding to the long list already existing in the Hollywood. Truly a clear entertainer. So here is the entire plot, Tim a 21 year old teen is called by his father and he is being told that all the men in their family had the queer ability to travel in the time precisely in their memories. So what happens and how he uses the entire power is the remaining story.

What I liked was that the way of telling the story was entirely new. Truly there is going to be many time travels and there is going to be a funny travels for humdrum causes and there is going to be for really serious causes. The film also had these satisfying the norms. And the end, there can be two ways where he will retain the power or loose it in order to make it humane. Here is the twist he uses it till the end living the same day over again and again being aware of all the little changes that occurred in the day the way Lord Krishna would have lived each day. As in Fyodor Dostoyevsky ‘s ‘The Idiot’ – “I think he, too, must feel that he has an age to live still while they cart him along. Probably he thought, on the way, ‘Oh, I have a long, long time yet. Three streets of life yet! When we’ve passed this street there’ll be that other one; and then that one where the baker’s shop is on the right; and when shall we get there?” It was the description given how a felon will feel before his head is cut off from dreaming.

We are not aware if there is any reason or cause to the entire deed we perform every day, if we existed before we were born or if we could exist after the death. Oh God absurdism at last. Okay back on track. We know this we cannot get back each instance we get in the life again. We change with the change we effect to the external world. The film ends just denoting the very common life of all the individuals who can know the value of the thing only at their departure from them and cries at last to leave this planet, loved ones. As Buddha said he lives the life moment by moment.

Far beyond comedy entertainer.


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