Metro (2016)

Directed by: Ananda Krishnan
Produced by: Jaya Krishnan; Anandakrishnan
Written by: Anandakrishnan
Starring: Shirish; Bobby Simha; Sendrayan; Nishanth
Music by: Johan
Cinematography: N. S. Uthaya Kumar
Edited by: M. Ramesh Baarathi
Running time: 119 minutes
Language: Tamil
Genre: Tamil Action

Seeran Review: Here is the plot there are two extremes. One is a gang operating through snatching gold chains from women and other is a normal middle-class family. The link between them and the way the things are sorted at the last is the rest of the story.

Since in the preamble there was reference to Mr C.K.Gandhirajan I.P.S. for his book – ‘Organized crime’, I expected there to be strong layout. There is also a few excerpt from the book which can be read for free.  Much better if there had be no protagonist. Be sure to give a real thriller.

Few learnings from the film.

  1. We should be aware of the nook and corner of the area where we are going to snatch the chain
  2. Never a loose hair
  3. Should be wearing heels so that she cannot chase
  4. The victim’s entire focus should reside on another thing.
  5. Thief one who loots without the knowledge of the victim Robber one who takes away the money in front of the victim’s eyes either injuring him or scaring him. A thief should never get the wish to earn more.

Be conscious with your gold chain!!

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