Big Miracle(2012)

Directed by: Ken Kwapis
Produced by: Steve Golin;Michael Sugar;Tim Bevan
Screenplay by: Jack Amiel;Michael Begler
Based on: Freeing the Whales by Tom Rose
Starring: Drew Barrymore;John Krasinski;Kristen Bell;Dermot Mulroney
Music by: Cliff Eidelman
Cinematography: John Bailey
Edited by: Cara Silverman
Production company: Anonymous Content; Working Title Film
Language: English
Based on: Operation Breakthrough, the 1988 international effort to rescue gray whales trapped in ice near Point Barrow, Alaska.

Seeran Review: I loved the movie very much. The frame was very colourful. I loved all the three whales. Direction was very carefully done so as not to give the picture a sense of artistic effect or a documentary notion. There was always a positive sense throughout the film. Few conversation – “Well we are going to need every penny to fight what you and your boss have done to the environment over the last 8 years”. “Excuse me, I couldn’t hear you over the sound of the booming economy and massive job creation.” “At the expense of everything else. (It goes on and on) Ronal Reagan killed the whales”. “The coldest winter he (Mark twain) ever spent was a summer in San Francisco “. “Why do we care about whales this much at all? I mean, what if they were deer or lizards or something.” Because even though they are strong and big, and powerful, they’re vulnerable too. They know they’re in trouble and they’re scared. And we ache for them because they’re so much like us. And we need help sometimes too.” The way the press treat the issue should be noted.
I loved the climax. The way Russian ship bangs the ice to save the whales. Whales are not the property of any country. Everyone know that finally the whales would be saved, but you would have felt for sure the need to see them coming out from behind the ice and whirl in the unlimited expanse of ocean. That is the whale inside everyone which is wanting to go out in the large expanse. They are our sharer in this traditional planet. It cannot understand our barriers and we should try to understand their big world of living. You know what you are going to miss them. A chunk from War and Peace-This little dog lived in their shed, sleeping beside Karataev at night; it sometimes made excursions into the town but always returned again. Probably it had never had an owner, and it still belonged to nobody and had no name. The French called it Azor; the soldier who told stories called it Femgalka; Karataev and others called it Gray, or sometimes Flabby. Its lack of a master, a name, or even of a breed or any definite colour did not seem to trouble the blue-gray dog in the least.” It is a Cold war too.big-miracle_poster-2


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