Directed by: Chaitanya Tamhane
Produced by: Vivek Gomber
Written by: Chaitanya Tamhane
Starring: Vira Sathidar; Vivek Gomber; Geetanjali Kulkarni; Pradeep Joshi
Music by: Sambhaji Bhagat
Cinematography: Mrinal Desai
Edited by: Rikhav Desai
Production company: Zoo Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Running time: 116 minutes
Language: Marathi;Hindi;Gujarati;English

Seeran Review: I felt as if the entire film was taken with a hidden camera. I wonder its reality at each shot. At the beginning of when the old man (Narayan Kamble) gets out from the bus still in motion, makes us wonder his age folded by his thoughts. Wadgoan massacre cultural protest meet (The Kherlanji massacre (or Khairlanji massacre) refers to the 2006 murders of Dalits by members of the politically dominant Kunbi caste. The killings took place in a small village in India named Kherlanji, located in the Bhandara district of the state of Maharashtra.)(Refer for authenticity). When he comes to the street itself there will be two of them to get him along. When there were arrest initially at the beginning there will be few police surrounding the crowd in order to control them. While the arrest all of them speaks about themselves. I wondered at first I would have been better to go on for a close up shot but only during my second viewing I figured the necessity. Vinay vora(Advocate), Sitladevi slum Vasudev (man to have committed suicide). During the court scene an attendant will ask a fat lady “What do you need? Notary, Stamp duty, affidavit? “I’ll do it all” and the women walks into the court!
During the watch stolen case we could see that a women sleeping to the corner after reading a file. I felt it odd. Will anyone sleep in front of the judge? Mumbai Press association sequence was good. There will be foreign lady Kalyan bomb blast (Refer again for authenticity). Though there was a disturbance foe installing fan, Vinay vora would shut the mike and discusses with the panel on what topic to discuss and no one in the room thinks that to be disturbance and everybody proceeds with their work. For the first time I thought them as not understanding the gravity of the situations but later on the revisiting the scene I found that this to be correct.
In the court scenes of the main plot, the cases are dealt with the full swing. We can see many using cell phone even the attendee to the judge had her cell phone. Everybody got bored with justice though. Song from street musician in Brazilian the pub to enjoy with they get to a Marthi drama where they enjoy the joke that Maharashtra is for the Marathi (thanks to Charu Nivedhita). The court is run by such people! While there is an attack on Vinay Vora near the street by Chetana hotel the security loops into the hotel.
After seeing the film, I could feel its intensity for over a week. A must watch film.
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