Sandhya Raagam(1989)

Directed by: Balu Mahendra
Produced by: Balu Mahendra
Written by: Balu Mahendra (dialogue)
Screenplay by: Balu Mahendra
Story by: Akila Mahendra
Starring: Chokkalinga Bagavathar; Archana; Oviyar Veera Santhanam
Music by: L. Vaidyanathan
Cinematography: Balu Mahendra
Edited by: Balu Mahendra
Language: Tamil

Plot: Chokkalingam, an octogenarian, leaves his village upon the death of his wife. He migrates to Madras, where his nephew Vasu, a lower middle-class man lives along with his family. Chokkalingam becomes an additional burden for Vasu, who is not able to meet the demands of his own family.

Seeran Review: The film opens with the life of an old man in the village. He has no specific work and lives with few earnings from his wife. Once the granpa(Chokkalinga Bagavathar) enquires of the day for which she replies and whispers “He forgets even days”. Next she speaks with the hen(she sees it only as a mother)”Do you suppose all this chickens will stay with you forever? Once they could stretch their wings they will abandon you”. It gives a notion that the couple have children, but only at the later part we could see that she alluded it to her son-in-law. Brilliant sensibility to show her love for him.
His wife dies and the grandpa is compelled to leave for Madras with only a Manjappai(all his possessions!). His arrival compares the life at village and city ( 2006-no of people living in cities outnumbered to that of villages ) with homeless children( now it is reduced though ), life of stress, haste. He reaches vasu’s(Oviyar Veera Santhanam)home. The scenes which are made to receive his father-in-law after the great loss are at the zenith cinematic expression. cinematography is helping greatly here. interaction with valli and becoming her friend all are awesome.
There is no exact scene which should be pointed out but I will here only note certain scenes which should never be missed out.
When Valli tries to grab the beard of the grandpa Thulasi(Archana) will take away her arms with an eye towards her husband, which shows the intimacy between them. The intimacy increases when valli sees him bathing. When Thulasi explains the financial constrains with an additional member to the family, grandpa will not be thinking of the fight between them but only the content of it.
When there was a scuffle between Grandpa and Tulasi, though he was wounded much mentally he will stretch out his arms which is very important scene, it shows he really feeling for his err at that instant. He even laughs during the travel to home from the hospital but leaves the very next.
The way he introduces to his mates in the old age home, each description is perfect.
Only lapse I felt was that in the last scene grandpa looks for the baby’s gender. May be it should be left only with holding the baby’s finger. A MUST WATCH FILM.hqdefaultR2A1RK5W.jpg


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