Directed by: Abrid Shine
Produced by: Shamsudheen
Screenplay by: Abrid Shine; Bipin Chandran
Story by: Abrid Shine
Starring: Nivin Pauly; Anoop Menon; Nikki Galrani; Srinda Arhaan
Music by: Gopi Sunder
Cinematography: Pradeesh Varma
Edited by: Manoj
Language: Malayalam
Genre: Sports Drama

Seeran Review: Entertainer. Clear plot. It had been a well-known method to include sports in the screen as it will bestow the thrill naturally. Every sports match will have the final match as the climax. It is true right from Rocky to Creed (2015), Iqbal (2005) to M.S. Dhoni the untold story (2016).  The film also had that. Malayalam cinema attracts me always for the greenery and simple story behind it. It is not only about cricket but it also had a group who love the game which developed behind the T.V screens. They are the real men who make a normal play a patriotic one. A batsman or a bowler on the field cannot think of his country when he is ready to act against each. He is there to hit the ball or the stump. It is mere casting the patriotism on this simple act to give more meaning.


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