Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Produced by: Steven Spielberg; Kathleen Kennedy
Screenplay by: Tony Kushner
Based on: Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln by Doris Kearns Goodwin
Starring: Daniel Day-Lewis; Sally Field; David Strathairn; Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Music by: John Williams
Cinematography: Janusz Kaminski
Edited by: Michael Kahn
Running time: 150 minutes
Language: English
Genre: Epic Historical Drama

Seeran Review: How can I write the way in which Daniel Day-Lewis lived? Okay as with the film I felt the movie too fast and short! Many will feel it slow but I think it will be perfect if you see Twelve years a slave (2013) first and then this movie. Seeing the movies in laptops gives you this opportunities too.

As with film I know it is going to be the last moths of the 16th president of the united stated of America, who wished to see his country the same even after his tenure, as united? The film opens with a fierce fight between the black and white, blood oozes from both at the same rate. We next see two soldiers speaking to the American president Lincoln. January 1865, two months have passed since the re-election, the American civil war is at its fourth year. The next is the dream in which he stands aloof at the end of this journey. Then comes the name The White house after the dream at the night time. Do not know if it should be taken as this but I see that each sequence gives intense meaning. The sequence when Lincoln speaks with the negro servant about freedom

See the movie. The play were the black wig is placed over the white cushion. It is getting too technical watch the movie. I have typed some of the fantastic dialogues as my fingers cannot stay over my laps after hearing to its intensity.

Not much but hey are a necessary hindrance 13th amendment ship I heard tell once of a Jefferson city lawyer who had a parrot that would wake him each morning, crying out “Today is the day the world shall end, as scripture has foretold. And, uh, one day the lawyer shot him, for the sake of peace and quiet, I presume. Thus fulfilling, for the bird at least, its prophecy. The people I begin to see why you are in such a great hurry to put it through. I decided the constitution gives me war powers but no on knows exactly what those powers are. Some say they don’t exist. I DON’T KNOW I HAVE DECIDED. I needed them to exist to uphold my oath to protect the constitution which I decided meant I could take the rebel slaves from them as property confiscated in war. That might recommend to suspicion that I agree with the rebels that their slaves are property in the first place. Of course, I don’t. Never have. I am glad to see any man free, and if calling a man property or war contraband does the trick, why I caught at the opportunity. Now here’s where it gets truly slippery. I use the law allowing for the seizure of property in a war knowing it applies only to the property of governments and citizens of belligerent nations. Well, the south isn’t a nation that’s why I cannot negotiate with them. So if, in fact, the Negroes are property, according to the law, have I the right to take the Rebels’ property from them, if I insist they’re rebels only and not citizens of a belligerent country? And slippery still, I maintain it isn’t our actual southern states in rebellion but only the rebels living in those states, the .laws of which states remain in force. “The laws of which states remain in force” that means that since it’s states’ laws that determine whether Negroes can be sold as slaves, as property, the federal government doesn’t have a say in that. at least not yet. Then Negroes in those states are slaves, hence property hence my war powers allow me to confiscate them as such, so I confiscate them. But if I’m a respecter of states laws how then can I legally free them with my proclamation as I done? Unless I’m cancelling state’s laws? I felt the war demanded it my oath demanded it. I felt right with myself and I hoped it was legal to do it. I am hoping still. Two years ago I proclaimed these people emancipated. “Then, thenceforward and forever free now let’s say the courts decide I had no authority to do it. They might well decide that say there is no amendment abolishing slavery say it’s after the war and I can no longer use my war powers to just ignore the courts decisions like I sometimes felt I had to do Might those people I freed be ordered back into slavery? That why |I would like to get the 13th amendment through the House, on its way to ratification by the states. Wrap the whole slavery thing up, forever and aye soon I am able. Now! End of this month. And I’d like you to stand behind me.

A MUST watch film.

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