North 24 Kaatham(2013)

Directed by: Anil Radhakrishnan Menon
Produced by: C. V. Sarathi
Written by: Anil Radhakrishnan Menon
Starring: Fahadh Faasil; Nedumudi Venu; Swathi Reddy
Music by: Govind Menon; Rex Vijayan
Cinematography: Jayesh Nair
Edited by: Dilip
Running time: 125 minutes
Language: Malayalam
Genre: Road movie – Travel

Seeran Review: I enjoyed the movie completely. Awed to notice that the hero of the story does not laughs till the film is almost middle. Yeah he first laughs over the bridge! If in case you didn’t notice.  Interesting cinematography especially at the toddy shop sequence and the bus stop. I found it to be weird to include the character of a Tamil traveller just to show the beauty of love. It was like the seeds in the watermelon. Brilliant showcase of the octogenarian who is introduced with the sad news of losing his beloved wife and left as the way as he weeps seeing her body. The film runs as the old man laughs, fears, grieves from the reality.

Thank you for including Bear Grills in your journey Hari (Fazil). I loved his performance to the core of an Obsessive–compulsive personality disorder person! Those who ever are very serious about the life should take this journey. Reminded of the journey that changed the life of Siddhartha and leaving him Buddha at the end.

As with the ending of the film – clear end to a casual story. Go for the journey losing a part of your baggage you value the most. Veeyen of said, “‘North 24 Kaatham’ is an articulation of the randomness of life; of chance and arbitrariness that brings about smiles and rekindles hopes. The emotional pitch that it maintains is mighty, which makes it a highly compassionate film that also marks a brilliant directorial debut.”[

By the way what happened to the bag our hero missed out in the train?

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