Chasing Liberty(2004)

Directed by: Andy Cadiff
Produced by: Broderick Johnson; Andrew Kosove; David Parfitt
Written by: Derek Guiley; David Schneiderman
Starring: Mandy Moore; Matthew Goode; Jeremy Piven; Annabella Sciorra
Music by: Christian Henson
Cinematography: Ashley Rowe
Edited by: Jon Gregor
Running time: 111 minutes
Language: English
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Seeran Review: I was really quite awestruck as the scene reveals the White House! Yes of Course those who live there are also common people as we right! Is it really that if I could get into those compounds without any permission? Reminded of the Tamil movie ‘’. The flowers died for their country. Last seen the U.S. Pres. as Kevin Spacey! Okay into the film, it was really fun and charming to put it in a sentence. Is it true that American pres. is playing board games with his family inside Air Force One? Maybe who knows for sure? Have you seen Lincoln (2012), where the son of Pres. fights with his father to allow him to die in the battle? ‘Remind me to commission a study and find out why on earth anyone wants to pierce their tongue.’ Maybe he is not aware of the existence of ‘Naughty America’ still.

I actually loved the first daughter. Her innocence and charm. Her friend Gabrielle! Both start hippie movement in the grand fete. Can anyone tell me why did Agent Ben Calder was quick evading from his bosses? I loved the scene outside the café where they took just few seconds to get Ben into the main picture. ‘It’s all you, baby’. The roof top sequence was romantic for both.

They get into the whirlpool of paths. I was really stunned to see the belief she had in getting into the truck with a complete stranger. Seeing many Indian films I thought they would kidnap her. I was though made wrong in the Tamil film Kayal. McGriff into bungee. Idiot stolen money from the First daughter. Rest is cool. Both falling in love from the bridge. Berlin Love Parade. They both getting separate as with all the film. Days in Harvard. Seeing the white house during Christmas. Finally Liberty gets the kiss she crave to get. ‘Of course you can kiss me’. Romantic and charming.

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