Eyes Without a Face (1960)

Directed by: Georges Franju
Produced by: Jules Borkon
Screenplay by: Georges Franju; Jean Redon; Pierre Boileau; Thomas Narcejac; Claude Sautet
Based on: Les yeux sans visage by Jean Redon
Starring: Pierre Brasseur; Edith Scob; Alida Valli; Juliette Mayniel
Music by: Maurice Jarre
Cinematography: Eugen Schüfftan
Edited by: Gilbert Natot
Running time: 84 minutes
Genre: Horror Thriller
Language: French

Seeran Review: May have been a real thriller then but after 55 years? The film begins with the face showing anxiety and suspense of a middle-aged women. She is very keen over the person on the back seat. We are able to see only the hat. Okay here the title of the film should go. Immediately we are taken into a very large gathering. ‘The future, Madame, is something we should have started on long ago’ ‘He is changes so much since his daughter vanished’ ‘How odd I should have to comfort you?’ See the film goes this way scene after scene. We can very well determine the change in the mood. I felt the film very linear.

As with the film I loved few scenes which made me like the film personally. The major challenge is that the heroine should express all her feeling but without expressions in the face. Though there were instances when we can see the tears in the mask, the way she walks, the way she sees things (the portrait of a girl seeing the dove) all showed the nature of her character to us. The scene when the secretory comes along with the girl the way the frame gets into the railway cross. It made us to the ground. ‘Don’t you feel lonely, so far from your family?’  But in the same scene we can see that only then cyclists are starting to cross the track. Though the girl first wishes to replace the face with that of the other girl (she touches the face of the girl), she somehow realises the misdeed.

At last she is same as the portrait she wished before. Plain and narrow. See to know from where we started with.

Further Reading: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eyes_Without_a_Facetumblr_nuncerN1sN1ud3wago1_1280.png


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