Love Comes Softly (2003)

Written by: Cindy Kelly; Michael Landon Jr.; Janette Oke
Directed by: Michael Landon Jr.
Starring: Katherine Heigl; Dale Midkiff; Skye McCole Bartusiak; Corbin Bernsen; Theresa Russell
Theme music composer: William Ashford; Ken Thorne
Language: English
Genre: Drama

Seeran Review: Wow. Positive, clear and matured romance. I was taken aback with the very first scene itself. It was not because of the brilliance in the scene but can anyone get the idea now to occupy a land and dream to build a house in the very place we dream. How far we have come from then? I wish it to be thus even now. How our ancestors would have felt then. All these came into my mind from within deep inside me.

The life ends all of a sudden with the tragic death of her lover. I loved the cinematography which shows the very instance of the head bashed against the stone and suddenly those moving feet of the lady love.

I loved the little girl all together the film. ‘I have seen nobody sleeping so long, I thought you might be dead.’ ‘In those pages there are no limits to where you can go to who you can be.’ She slowly moves near to the position of the mother of the little girl. But she was much like a sister to the girl! I almost enjoyed the film all together.

All the Gods have an expiry date. I heard it somewhere. I found that to be almost true. Do we not fear the fire that burnt all our hard work around the clock? Fear makes us humble and we move towards it with reverence. We worship fire, water, wind and all the forces governing the earth such. It helps us and becomes an inseparable part of life. Of course the climax was too dramatic like our Indian films.

Decent, positive and eternal.


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