Joker (2016)

Directed by: Raju Murugan
Produced by: S. R. Prakashbabu; S. R. Prabhu
Written by: Raju Murugan
Starring: Guru Somasundaram; Ramya Pandian
Music by: Sean Roldan
Cinematography: Chezhiyan
Edited by: Shanmugam Velusamy
Language: Tamil
Genre: Political Satire

Seeran Review: Felt Jeyakanthan was alive. It also had writer Pava Chellathurai who did not tune much of his real character. I loved for bring them into the cast. Indian cinema can leap distance if it works close with Indian writings.

He switches on the song for who? So this may or may not be the twist at the end. I at last felt it to be correct with my guess. This one of the few films where drone was drone used perfectly. Are you accusing Jesus? How it can’t happen without mocking a Hindu god in India, being a secular country. Yes there is Mariamma! There was bold mentions of many of the contemporary issues right from Apollo to Air cooler. I can’t say though openly! Very bold attempt. Rural beauty – jargon was lovable throughout the film. The films satire was shown in many of the scenes from toilet and 4g at a single go.

How he pities for the poor lamb. So we should make Meat ban right! Court sequence was idiotic. I have the bad sense to notice the vehicle’s number plate. I noticed the same TVS 50 which he had. So it was crystal clear that he will die. Though I thought somebody will murder him. Yet didn’t happen. The way men a locked up in the lorry and how they are into the flow when brakes are applied was shown brilliantly. ’maasam silla ponathume maanikama retta pulla onna nee pethu thandha maruthavachi billu micham.

The sequence when both pray under the tree was brilliant, classic but all the emotions was pulled down by mentioning super singer.  gundu vekiravanai ellam vitudunga kovila unda sooruvangi thundravana vandhu pudiyunga idhana unga velaiye’. Court scene excellent acting but where is the proof right he not even knew that the photos will be used against him! The jail sequence was hilarious especially the dialogue about hero-villain combo.

The film should been ended without the last dialogue! So what they mean? They say that all those great men glorified were not seen by the people. It was just kindling the emotion and making the film appealing. Poor content in case you regard it to be serious film.



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