Karma (2016)

Seeran Review: Same old dialogues was repeated often making us bored. ‘எப்படி சொல்லறீங்க?’ my personal remark, when the writer said about the daily chores of his wife, I felt – இதல்லாம் ஒரு வேலை. I will have killed her for that itself!

If they had single camera? The police firstly asks what kind of novels do you write and after few minutes says him to be a well-known writer (எங்கியோ இடிக்குதே. Anybody can guess it was the writer who killed his wife after seeing the knife. Deleted messagesi கூடவா மறுபடியும் delete panna முடியாது (7 ஆம் அறிவுள்ள தப்புபன்னா சரி, but not in this film which is built upon conversations). Very bad BGM.

I should have been a short film of around 21minutes. The length of the film drained out the energy to perceive the last 2 minutes.


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