10 Years (2011)

Directed by: Jamie Linden
Produced by: Marty Bowen; Reid Carolin; Wyck Godfrey; Channing Tatum
Written by: Jamie Linden
Starring: Lynn Collins; Channing Tatum; Rosario Dawson; Brian Geraghty; Ari Graynor; Oscar Isaac
Music by: Chad Fischer
Cinematography: Steve Fierberg
Edited by: Jake Pushinsky
Running time: 101 minutes
Language: English
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Seeran Review: Three clips, we are introduced who the main characters are going to stay for the remaining time. ‘She don’t care, you don’t care. She’s not gonna remember’. So everybody join together after 10 years. May be a flash back. ‘I am a married man.’ All have got two lives: one with their friends and other with their job. There is a constant sweep between the two lives. I loved the car scene. Few are all alone, few still want to forget those bad moments of their high school. There exists a great deal how they maintain the balance between the two lives. ‘I tried to find you online’. ‘I am just a musician’. ‘That was insane’. ‘That was really, really good.’ ‘Didn’t stick’. ‘Get off me’. ‘But a couple of hours ago, it seemed to be a great idea’.

All the three friends open the real story. Quite touching. ‘Why wouldn’t you tell me that?’ All act for the day. ‘We all have messes’. All reunite and leave the show better.

Not interesting, but worthy for had it been an hour. Lengthy.


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