American Sniper (2014)

Directed by: Clint Eastwood
Produced by: Clint Eastwood; Robert Lorenz; Andrew Lazar; Bradley Cooper; Peter Morgan
Written by: Jason Hall
Based on: American Sniper by Chris Kyle; Scott McEwen; Jim DeFelice
Starring: Bradley Cooper; Sienna Miller
Cinematography: Tom Stern
Edited by: Joel Cox; Gary D. Roach
Language: English
Genre: Biographical War Drama
Running time: 132 minutes

Seeran Review: It is clear that it is a war film. There is a great difference between a soldier and a sniper. Being a sniper is like playing a video game, not entertaining though but in the perspective that you are not going to die if you miss the shot. As the movie begins we see the eyes inside the sniper. ‘Maybe he is calling his lady’.

We see a woman coming with a small boy. We though presume the boy to be her son, a great twist awaiting. She gives a lethal weapon to his son. The information goes from man to woman and to the boy! It is like the other side of the plate! We are left here abruptly and we see another boy who with a gun shoots a dear. ‘You got him’. I loved the sequence of leaving our brains to think for the justice. We see the father of the children and I loved the story of sheep – wolf – sheepdogs. Though I loved the story, you know how to conclude it.

We see the boy to grow into a man. He suddenly sees into the TV – ‘what they did to us’. Better they did not make him to be a Harvard student! ‘Greatest country in the earth’ – do all soldiers in SEALS get to this notion as childish as this? Gun and woman alternatively while talking to his pregnant wife. Are there any question? – Yes one question sir how did you train yourself to give such a great speech.

Why is the guy near our hero doing nothing all day? ‘If you think this war is not changing you are wrong’. When one of their friends die they get the agitation from somewhere to further take the war, yes wars proceed as this. Not that wars concern is to meet the final goal but the goals set up by the war itself. Oh God I am speaking as Hunter in Crimson Tide (1995) – this is how the war proceeds with instant will and not with just the will to win the war. ‘You do not know when to quit’.  ‘Let somebody else go’.  The human soul goes through the bullet – sitting before the TV. Maybe they were not sound minded before itself. Chris Kyle is the real name of the soldier.

Live the life of an American sniper.


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