Crimson Tide (1995)

Directed by: Tony Scott
Produced by: Don Simpson; Jerry Bruckheimer
Screenplay by: Michael Schiffer; Quentin Tarantino (uncredited)
Story by: Michael Schiffer; Richard P. Henrick; Starring: Denzel Washington; Gene Hackman; George Dzundza; Viggo Mortensen; James Gandolfini
Matt Craven
Music by: Hans Zimmer
Cinematography: Dariusz Wolski
Running time: 116 minutes
Language: English
Genre: Submarine Action

Seeran Review: one of the best war movies I have seen. ‘The three most powerful men in the world: The President of United States, The president of the Russian Republic and the captain of a U.S. Nuclear missile submarine.’ Excuse me in this case rebels had also that power. Richard Valeria from CNN – all dangers around the situation.

Dog seeing the magic of the birthday party with unblinking eyes. Sudden mild scenes making sure that these kids will be in a bad state. ‘A brave volunteer’. Vladimir Radchenko. ‘It is’. Commander Hunter. Dog of the captain is super. ‘Well that’s good to know sir’. ‘They may not have a brain in their head, but they do know that all the boys want to fuck them.’ ‘You don’t have to be reading Ulysses (James Joyce, I should have read that before writing this review) to know where they are coming from. The soldiers watching T.V adjusting the chair right away was good. But do soldiers also see the T.V as civilians but I thought that they do have a separate newsstand.

Some brilliant dialogues – ‘I hope you enjoyed the peace’. ‘Wining the hearts and minds of the Russian soldiers’. The way they get into the serious mode. ‘To keep our country safe’. ‘Fall out’. ‘My last breath of polluted air for the next 65 days’. ‘I don’t trust air I can’t see’. ‘You knew to shut up and enjoy the view’. First cigar. Throwing into sea and saying that the air is polluted, doesn’t it seem idiotic. Maybe we need to understand that men like this are thee in the army. How long the tin is going to stay there?

‘Very carefully’. ‘You certainly fooled them sir’. Confuse from behind. ‘I would hope they would want us all to know why?’ ‘War is a continuation of politics by other means’ – Von Clausewitz. ‘The purpose of war is to serve a political end, but the true nature of war is to serve itself’. ‘In the nuclear world the true enemy cannot be destroyed’ ‘In my humble opinion in the nuclear world the true enemy is the war itself’. Back again to the previous statement.

Fish tank inside the submarine. ‘We are a ship of war, designed for battle. You don’t just fight battles when everything is hunky-dory’. ‘They are just boys’. ‘Without hesitation’. ‘We are here to preserve democracy, not to practice it.’ ‘Not the fire’. Connection between them the punch and the nuclear weapon. Silly things to fight with. When he comes and talks the same subject to his friend. ‘Kick in the ass or a pat on the back sir.’ ‘Very inspiring, sir’ which he does so as to balance the power with the X.O. ‘Of all the people’. ‘Mind your fucking panel’. ‘Lipizzaner stallions’ ‘white black’. ‘You were right, I was wrong’. ‘As of January, 1996, Primary authority and ability to fire nuclear missiles will no longer rest with U.S. Submarine commanders… Principal control will reside with the president of the United States’.

Movie that I loved.


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