The Colony (2013)

Directed by: Jeff Renfroe
Produced by: Paul Barkin; Matthew Cervi; Pierre Even; Marie-Claude Poulin
Written by: Jeff Renfroe; Svet Rouskov; Patrick Tarr; Pascal Trottier
Starring: Kevin Zegers; Bill Paxton; Charlotte Sullivan; Dru Viergever; Atticus Mitchell
Music by: Jeff Danna
Running time: 93 minutes
Language: English
Genre: Science Fiction Horror

Seeran Review: The movie begins with the snowy day. We get quickly into a chimney and we see a couple screaming for their life, dead. We see the hero (somehow I guessed that right) and he wants to save a person, but fails. There will be the heroism in gaining that part of control.  ‘I will take the walk, it’s my choice’. ‘Not Today’. ‘He’s tested positive’.

Paradise – cross. ‘Everybody knows that’. ‘It is not the cold we need to worry about, each other’. ‘We live and die by rules’. ‘One day it started to snow and it never stopped’. Bridge the problem back at the colony 5. To look up and back.

That little boy should be in a bad situation for sure (because he was stopped by their parents before) but didn’t expect him to die though. Killing while returning back from the bridge was good. Finally they are back at the point of surviving. Please run fast the zombies may be back again!

Nothing great.


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