It’s a Boy Girl Thing (2006)

Directed by: Nick Hurran
Produced by: Steve Hamilton Shaw; David Furnish; Martin F. Katz
Written by: Geoff Deane
Starring: Kevin Zegers; Samaire Armstrong; Sherry Miller; Robert Joy
Music by: Christian Henson
Cinematography: Steve Danyluk
Edited by: John Richards
Language: English
Running time: 93 minutes
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Running time: 93 minutes

Seeran Review: Full of fun. May be western fun. ‘Is that not a pencil necked virgin girl, I see before me?’ `Who wants cotton candy?’ ‘It’s because you secretly want to have sex with me’ ‘I was saving it for the boy I fell in love with’ ‘that’s disgusting’.

During one of the talks by Tamil writer S.Ramakrishnan, he narrated an incident from Mahabharata. While Bhishmar was on his death bed (Bed of arrows, Shanti பருவம்). One questions him – ‘Who gains greater pleasure between man and woman during their intercourse (Not sure if sexual, go for the real text)’. Since Bhishmar is a Brahmacharya he could not answer the question directly. As an answer he narrates a story. Once sage Naradha was bathing in a pond is transformed into a woman as he comes out of the water. He got married as a woman. He yields children and bring them up being their mother. Again he is transformed into man during one of his baths. He got married as a man. He yields children and bring them up being their father. When Naradha was questioned of both which gave him the higher pleasure, he answered that raising the children as a woman was happier than raising them as a man. Bhishmar quotes the story and at last says that it was the notion of the sage Naradha and not his.

Funny entertainer.

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