The Odd Life of Timothy Green (2012)

Directed by: Peter Hedges
Produced by: Scott Sanders; James Whitaker; Ahmet Zappa
Screenplay by: Peter Hedges
Story by: Ahmet Zappa
Starring: Jennifer Garner; Joel Edgerton; Dianne Wiest; CJ Adams
Music by: Geoff Zanelli
Cinematography: John Toll
Edited by: Andrew Mondshein
Genre: Fantasy Comedy-Drama
Language: English
Running time: 104 minutes

Seeran Review: So we are going to hear the story about a couple who have problem with having their biological child – this was the first notion after seeing 20 minutes of the film. After seeing the next 20 minutes – so this is going to be fantasy film with a child as Christ. After seeing the film completely it was neither of them.

Pencil making with erasers at the back. ‘Never give up’ – Reminded of Winston Churchill. ‘Funny like uncle bub’. ‘That’s our kid’ – how a couple will feel for the first time when the get their baby from the hospital and sleeps near their baby for the first time. ‘Everything is going to be fine’ the sand moving and here is the saviour. ‘Hi, I am Timothy’. ‘Jim are you there?’

‘I can’t remember why?’ ‘Now my mind is raising even more question’. Rain. As I see through may be each one of us are born like this without anything we are doing in the manufacture of the child then how is it possible to kill one another. ‘You are not the only one with a secret’. ‘Yeah, we made mistakes trying to fix our mistakes’.

Good entertainer. But I still have the doubt if the boy was real or the couple made up a story to shoe that they would take care of the child if they adopt one.


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