Airlift (2016)

Directed by: Raja Krishna Menon
Produced by: Nikhil Advani; Monisha Adwani; Aruna Bhatia; Madhu G. Bhojwani; Bhushan Kumar; Krishan Kumar; Vikram Malhotra
Written by: Raja Krishna Menon; Suresh Nair; Rahul Nangia; Ritesh Shah
Based on 1990 airlift of Indians from Kuwait
Starring: Akshay Kumar; Nimrat Kaur
Music by
Songs: Amaal Mallik; Ankit Tiwari
Background score: Arijit Dutta
Cinematography: Priya Seth
Edited by: Hemanti Sarkar
Running time: 125 minutes
Language: Hindi
Genre: War Thriller

Seeran Review: Just with the trailer and little google you can know the entire plot of the movie before seeing it in theatre. It is just as though the story of the movie is out. The same thing in case of movies like Jodhaa Akbar (2008) where almost the plot can be guessed before seeing the film. So for these films as this it needs for a great screenplay and detailing which was clearly missing from the movie.

Maybe I expected too much as the papers before seeing the film-casted it to be Argo (2012) of Indian cinema. Kuwait 1990 Dasman palace. As in the Tamil film Papanasam (2016) first we are shown the sequence where the family is running smooth and the peace being shattered. I felt the film slowly turned into a hero villain story at some places.

‘Successful people should only remember important people’ ‘together we are something’. Reminded of the short story ‘உலகம் யாவையும்‘ By Writer Jeyamohan as Ranjith sitting in Iraq feels – ‘it doesn’t feel like these are the guys who just attacked Kuwait’. Songs were too disturbing for the plot.

Not well scripted.

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