English: An Autumn in London (2013)

Directed by: Shyamaprasad
Produced by: Binu Dev
Written by: Ajayan Venugopalan
Starring: Jayasurya; Nivin Pauly; Mukesh; Nadia Moidu; Remya Nambeesan
Music by: Rex Vijayan
Cinematography: Udayan Ambaadi
Edited by: Vinod Sukumaran
Language: Malayalam
Genre: Drama

Seeran Review: How many languages all together in the film. I felt as if seeing a film of polyglot. Reminded of Panchathanthiram (2002) climax, where Ram (Kamal Hassan) would converse in respective languages to each of his friends. I had a slight smile while I saw Nivin Paul speaking English. ‘Amma doesn’t like girls wearing mini-skirts to school’. I hate wedding in India. Password. English response for all questions. ‘Don’t talk to me in Malayalam’ ‘Does Christmas come in October for you’ Vaikom Muhammad Basheer. Washing, cleaning, cooking I will do. I am not in a mood for argument. ‘An active sex life is a must for a strong marriage’. Homosexuality gave the jerk, breaking the usual sequence.

I would have just wrote a simple review had there been no dance at the end of the film. Remembered some of the talks I have heard in our town temple Kalyana Pasupathatheeswarar temple in my home town Karur. The theology of the deity Nataraja which was explained by an unknown speaker, but it just bore a deep impact on my character. I just try to bring about the speech in direct speech – ‘The form of Nataraja is something very different to conceive. Dance has a peculiar trait which is very different from all other arts. You can differentiate a painting of a painter from the painter; voice of the singer from the singer; book from the writer. But not dance from the dancer (I later found the logic to be shared by actors too). In the same way you cannot separate creator from creation.’ I later found the same logic to be reiterated by Mr. Rajneesh. How many times we may remember it, but each day a void is created within us for that dance of the lord.

Jisha G. Nair of Malayala Manorama rated the film 3 in a scale of 5 and said, “If you love to watch films that have different shades of life, English, directed by Shyamaprasad is an apt choice.”

Further Reading: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English:_An_Autumn_in_London




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