Pink (2016)

Directed by: Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury
Produced by: Rashmi Sharma; Shoojit Sircar; Sheel Kumar
Written by: Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury; Shoojit Sircar; Ritesh Shah
Starring: Amitabh Bachchan; Taapsee Pannu; Kirti Kulhari; Andrea Tariang; Angad Bedi; Dhritiman Chatterjee; Piyush Mishra; Mamata Shankar
Music by: Shantanu Moitra; Faiza Mujahid; Anupam Roy
Cinematography: Abhik Mukhopadhyay
Edited by: Bodhaditya Banerjee
Running time: 136 minutes
Language: Hindi
Genre: Courtroom – Drama

Seeran Review:  There are two things (one do and another don’t) I must confess before going to see the review of the film. Firstly with the ever increasing air pollution in the busy roads of the city, it has become a clear necessity to get the mask that Deepak Sehgal (Amitabh Bachchan) wears throughout the film. Next do not talk feminism after seeing the film! It is as supporting for the victim after the thief grabs away the hand-bag. We already know he is a thief and they will exist always in the society as haphazard as India. We only advice you to keep your bag safety.

‘I am bored you coward, so stop talking and show me what you can do’ ‘And… You all are girls after all, I mean … if this thing goes on, who will be more humiliated?’ ‘Take her advice  … she looks experienced in such matters’ ‘Can we trust them?’ ‘One needs to show women their place’

I literally laughed to see these two exchanges – ‘Are, you okay dear?’ ‘Go home please papa, go home’. ‘That place reeks of urine’. I initially thought as all the girls’ rich just being fair and myself being a south Indian, where only rich people are fair generally. I should get away from this idiotic logic. I thought as they leave the house he (Deepak) will accept the offer but he came after.

Intermission perfectly timed. So I guessed someone will mock at his age or he will drop somewhere and by the climax he will regain his stand which was true. His affected eye is rectified, perfect show without wasting much scenes. Judge always asking why? Felt irritating and disturbing. The below are the rules that Deepak Sehgal pointed out.

1.       A girl should never go anywhere with a boy alone. Not to a resort… and definitely not to use the bathroom. Because by her doing that, people presume that since she has willingly come there they have been issued a license to touch her inappropriately. – – loneliness with boys.

2.       No girl should ‘ever’ talk to a boy ‘while smiling’ or ‘touch him’. Because he’ll take that as a hint. Her ‘smile’ will be considered a ‘yes’, and … what is ‘natural human behaviour’ can make her seem ‘characterless’ to him. – – touching the boys as talking.

3.       In our society, clearly the clock determines a person’s character. When girls walk down the road alone at night cars slow down, windows get tolled down. But no one thinks of this great idea during the day. – – – not at late hours.

4.       No ‘girl’ should ever have a drink with a ‘boy’. Because if she does, the boy seems to think that if she can have a drink with me then she won’t mind sleeping with me. For girls, drinking alcohol means being available. Just for ‘girls’. For the boys it’s just a health hazard. So terms and conditions differ, you honour. Wearing jeans, t-shirts, skirts etc. girls shouldn’t be doing that. But poses a deep threat to the boys. Poor boys get provoked on seeing them like this and for no fault of theirs, the poor boys end up making mistakes. We should save our boys, not our girls. Because if we save our boys, then our girls will be safe. Girls in the city shouldn’t live separately. They should not live alone. Boys can. Not girls. Independent girls confuse boys. Girls should never smile during a conversation. In fact, even if they are giving good news they should do so with a grave face. No mobiles for girls, don’t educate them. Get them marries early. – – girls drinking with boys.

So, let us take a girl who goes against all the 4 rules of the women safety manual – – A girl wearing t-shirts goes alone with a boy so casually with a smiling face to a resort and drinks with him all alone. This girl is represented by the 3 girls in the film. Reminded of the Tamil Film Appa (2016), which also used a special case to get the sentiment of the audience and generalises the logic.

The story of the movie is just a one liner. Three men (politically connected) intentionally molest three women (not that influential). They use this scenario to give a social studies class to us with questions! So I think it is enough to give my ideas on those rules (which may change tomorrow!)

Rule 1 – Idiotic rule.

Rule 2 – Idiotic rule.

Rule 3 – Idiotic rule.

Rule 4 – Idiotic rule.

This is how they need the society to respond! So I did… but with little google I found that many of the blogs still have these sort of outdated rules (See in Further Reading). I request them to cross verify with the rules above. See that I am not accusing women the reason for molestation by men. Molestation can never be committed by spontaneous sexual stimulus. It is the violent nature of the committer that makes the scene. But exposing your body to opposite sex for sure attracts him sexually. May be sometimes he can even give you a love letter.

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