Blood Diamond (2006)

Directed by: Edward Zwick
Produced by: Marshall Herskovitz; Graham King; Paula Weinstein; Edward Zwick
Written by: Charles Leavitt
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio; Jennifer Connelly; Djimon Hounsou; Michael Sheen; Arnold Vosloo
Music by: James Newton Howard
Cinematography: Eduardo Serra
Edited by: Steven Rosenblum
Running time: 143 minutes
Language: English; Mende; Krio; Afrikaans
Genre: Political War Thriller

Seeran Review: ‘No more hands, no more voting’. Screenplay where there is the show of two ends at the same time two opposite, where there involves one case in the brink of death and the other diplomats sitting in a conference. We need not get into a mood that these talks are simply a strain to the security, the film ends with much a similar conference. We should see to that these talks are made with such responsibility. I googled for the term ‘Marrakaz’, but could not find them. The film’s authenticity and relevance can only be challenged after years of reading, which I could never attain. So, I have given out only a review for the film, in the perception that it is really the ground situation. ‘I’m safe, huh. No HIV’ Rhodesia. ‘So which one are you?’

Some really notable exchanges – ‘Think you are gonna change the outcome, huh? Let me tell you something. You sell blood diamonds too. Really? Yeah. Tel me how is that? Who do you think buys the stones that I bring out? Dreamy American girls who all want a storybook wedding and big, shiny rock like the ones in the advertisements of your politically-correct magazines. So please don’t come here and make judgements on me, right? I provide a service. The world wants what we have, and they want it cheap. We are in business together. Get over yourself, darling’ ‘I am using him and you are using me.’ ‘An entire country made homeless’. ‘It’s like one of those infomercials. You know, the little black babies with swollen bellies and flies in their eyes. So here I have got dead mothers, I have got severed limbs, but it’s nothing new. It might be enough to make people cry if they read it, maybe even a check but it’s not gonna be enough to make it stop. I am sick of writing about victims, but it’s all I can fucking do. Because I need facts. I need names. I need dates. I need pictures. I need bank accounts. People back home wouldn’t buy a ring if they knew it cost someone else their hand. But I can’t write that story. Until I get facts that can be verified’. . . It is however the best option! We should also have them that they are just the cases with the available facts. Truth may be without facts also. ‘Technically speaking they are not financing the war but creating a situation where it pays to keep it going’ Selfie with the rebels…she can if she can drive a bus in Afghanistan.   King Leopold. Without hand boy teaching. “My heart told me that people are inherently good. My experience suggests otherwise’. . . True with my experience also.

‘Let’s hope they do not discover oil here’ – to be discussed for pages. Remembering Green Zone (2010) and Viswaroopam (2013).

In January 2003, forty nations signed ‘The Kimberley Process’ – an effort to stem the flow of conflict diamonds. But illegal diamonds are still finding their way to market. It is up to the consumer to insist that a diamond is conflict – free. Sierra Leone is at peace. There are still 200,000 child soldiers in Africa’.

Film which contributes great.

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